Creator, dancer, teacher and movement assistant. She studied Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance at the Institut del Teatre from Barcelona. Laia holds the Higher degree in Dance in the specialty of Choreography and Interpretation.


Professionally she has worked with companies as Ballet Junior de Genève (Switzerland), Marina Mascarell (Holland), The Forsythe Company (Germany), Staatstheater Darmstadt (Germany), Ballet Mainz (Germany), Luzern Theater (Switzerland), Gross Dance Company (Holland), Satore Studio (United Kindom), Contrapunctus Danceport (Spain) and Sommer Ballet (Denmark). Since 2012 she is part of La Veronal from Marcos Morau. 

Lately she has collaborated as a dancer, actress and movement assistant for theater directors Àlex Rigola, Carlota Subirós and Oriol Pla. 

In 2018, together with other colleagues from the same generation of the Institut del Teatre, she created HOTEL Col·lectiu Escènic.

HOTEL is born with the wish to build crossroads which will allows us to inhabit other creators’ worlds and imaginaries. The group invites artists from different performing disciplines to create and direct them.


La Veronal from Marcos Morau. Prod: Siena, Islandia, Zelenstova, Shortcuts, Russia, Pájaros Muertos, Bologna: Pasolini, Kova-Geographic Tools and Equal Elevations (Barcelona/Spain) (2012-2019)

Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio. Prod: Ethica. Natura e origine della mente from Romeo Castellucci (Girona/Spain) (2017)

Luzern Theater. Prod: Sleeping Beauty from Stjin Celis (Luzern/Switzerland) (2013)

Marina Mascarell. Prod: The unreality of time (La Haya/Holland) (2013)

Sommerballet. Prod: Out sider (Copenhague/Denmark) (2012)

Contrapunctus Danceport. Prod: Full evening (Barcelona/Spain) (2012)

Gross Dance Company. Prod: One charming night (Amsterdam/Holland) (2012)

The Forsythe Company. Prod: Human Writes (Genève/Switzerland) (2012)

Satore Studio. Prod: Nierka (London/United Kindom) (2011)

Ballett Mainz / Staatstheater Mainz. (Mainz/Germany) (2009-2011)

Compagnie Laura Tarner. Prod: Pieces Blues (Genèva/Switzerland) (2008)

Staatstheater Darmstadt. (Darmstadt/Germany) (2006-2008)



Sol solet from Àngel Guimerà. Dir: Carlota Subirós (Barcelona/Spain) (2018)

Hi duc de tot, al bolso. Dir: César Martínez (Barcelona/Spain) (2017)

El Público from Federico Garcia Lorca. Dir: Àlex Rigola (Madrid/Spain) (2015-2017) 

Incerta Glòria from Joan Sales. Dir: Àlex Rigola (Barcelona/Spain) (2015)



El quadern daurat from Doris Lessing. Dir: Carlota Subirós (Barcelona/Spain) (2020)

Travy. Dir: Oriol Pla (Barcelona/Spain) (2018)

Sol solet from Àngel Guimerà. Dir: Carlota Subirós (Barcelona/Spain) (2018)

Scapino Ballet. Prod: Pablo from La Veronal (Rotterdam/Holland) (2016)

The Göteborg Ballet. Prod: Zelenstova from La Veronal (Göteborg/Sweden) (2015)


Conservatorio Superior de Danza María de Ávila. Diploma in Choreography and Performance (2014-2018) (Madrid/ Spain)

Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. Diploma in Contemporary Dance (2002-2005) (Barcelona/Spain) 

Stager at the Nederlands Dans Theater II (2005) (La Haya/Holland)

Ballet Junior de Genève (2005-2006) (Genève/Switzerland)


Eòlia High School. Acting and play-writing first degree (Barcelona/Spain) (2013-14)

Laura Jou School. Voice training with Núria Badia (Barcelona/Spain) (2016) 

Acting training with Txiqui Berraondo and Núria Legarda (Barcelona/Spain) ​ (2015-2017) 

Spanish diction classes with Raquel Carballo (Barcelona/Spain) (2016) 


Workshop with Chrysa Parkinson (Spain) (2019)

Workshop with Andrés Lima (Spain) (2016)

Workshop with Jan Klata at the Venise Biennale Art (Italy) (2016) 

Workshop with Josef Nadj at the Venise Biennale Art (Italy) (2011) 

Workshop with Germán Jauregui Allue at the Última Vez/Wim Van Dekeybus (Belgium) (2009)

Workshop with David Zambrano at the La Caldera (Spain) (2009)

Workshop with Jan Fabre at the Troubleyn/Laboratorium (Belgium) (2008)


VII Castellón Competition, Fundación Davalos-Fletcher (2005) 

Interpretation Award and Public Choice Award

Scholarship for the Companyia Nacional de Espanya II

Scholarship for The Nederlands Dans Theater II 

XXI Premios de la Crítica de las Artes Escénicas Catalanas (2019)

Nominated in the category as a best dancer for "Taverne" from HOTEL Scenic Collective

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